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Make every bowl different with custom toppings. Suitable for all ages. Vegan and gluten free.

Good for you

Packed with fiber, protein and anti oxidants. Excellent for your gut and skin.

Hot or cold

Make piping hot porridges, chilled and refreshing overnight oats or smoothies for on the go.


Pack Size
Pack Size
Chia Chocolate Oatmeal | 300 gChia Chocolate Oatmeal | 300 g - Back
Vanilla Almond Oatmeal | 300 gVanilla Almond Oatmeal | 300 g Back
Save 10%Cocosutra Oatmeal Combo PacksCocosutra Oatmeal Combo Packs - Back
Oatmeal 3 in 1 Combo (300g each) | Zero Sugar | 900gm Sale price₹ 567 Regular price₹ 630
Mocha Cranberry Oatmeal | 300 gMocha Cranberry Oatmeal | 300 g Back

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