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By foodies, chefs, nutritionists and scientists to bring you delicious and nutritious affordable luxury.

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From minimal processing to using 100% natural and simple ingredients, quality is our first principle.

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We aim to create job creators by empowering talented food entrepreneurs jump-start their journey.

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We created Cocosutra to inspire you to indulge in health.
Delicious Indulgences, Simple Ingredients, Minimum Processing, Maximum Nutrition.

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For people who love having hot chocolate with additional flavors, Cocosutra Hot Chocolate Collection can be a great choice. So, you will have a cup of hot chocolate for every mood.

Cocosutra's hot chocolate mix has a chocolatey blend of aromatic cocoa and the rich chocolate is infused with pure vanilla. You can enjoy this drink piping hot, or you can have a cold with ice.

Indulge in hot chocolate from Cocosutra, especially on a cold night when you need something to warm you up. It'll also make a very special gift for a loved one!

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Healthy kinds of Oil to use in Pancakes

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3 different desserts that you can make with cookie dough mix

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How to turn a pancake mix into waffle

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