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Article: Hazelnut Chocolate Icecream

Drinking Chocolate

Hazelnut Chocolate Icecream

Craving some yummy Ice cream? Here is how you can have it at home in a few simple steps

  • time 20 MINS
  • person EASY TO MAKE
  • Gluten Free GLUTEN FREE
Hazelnut Chocolate Icecream


  • 1 packet – 100g – Hazelnut Hot Chocolate Mix
  • 2 cups – preferred type of milk
  • Nutella
  • Ferrero Rochers (optional)
  • Condensed Milk

  • 1. Take Cocosutra hazelnut hot chocolate in a bowl and add a splash of milk
  • 2. Stir it till smooth and make sure there are no lumps
  • 3. Add the remaining milk and heat it for 2 minutes.
  • 4. Then freeze the ready Hazelnut hot chocolate and scoop out the perfect dessert when the cravings strike.
  • 5. Top it with some Nutella and Ferrero rocher for the extra treat.

For an even creamy texture add some condensed milk while making the hot chocolate.

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